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Saturday Oct 16

Time: 0800-1700

30 Student Max

FF Rinaldi (Providence), Lt. Belhumeur (Providence), Lt. Burke (Providence), FF Richards (Providence), BC Norberg (W.Warwick)

The auto extrication program will be broken into morning and afternoon segments. The morning segment will be lecture format dealing with new vehicle technology to include: various hybrids, electric, LPG, CNG, LNG, bio fuels and hydrogen powered vehicles. Vehicle anatomy and how to safely deal with chemical and inflation cylinder fired airbags, as well as seat belt pretensioners, will be discussed. Vehicle anatomy will be covered in depth, because you can't defeat your enemy unless you know it!


The afternoon segment will be a series of hands-on stations. The session will begin by deploying a hot-wired airbag. Students will then rotate through multiple disciplines of auto extrication to include; multiple options of door removal, dash lift, dash roll, roof removal, as well as anything else students may want to try. 


Required PPE for the day is full structural firefighting gear. Extrication gloves and glasses permitted. 


Saturday Oct 16




24 Student Max

Capt. Esposito (Bridgeport)

This class is designed to get firefighters to think about the where and why of ground ladder placement based on their operations. It also gets rid of the rigid academy type ladder throws and focuses on single FF throws and practical two firefighter throws. We teach firefighters how to use their bodies to throw a ladder in a way that works for them, as well as using the built up environment to aid them in successful throws. We expand on the mental aspect to get them thinking about what they're doing and what they should focus on. The result is that students gain a higher level of confidence and understanding with ground ladders, and they become much more proficient and effective.

Required PPE for the day is full structural firefighting gear


Saturday Oct 16

Time: 0800-1700

20 Student Max

FF Rivera (New Haven) - Northeast Squad Concepts LLC


The follow up to the lecture portion of “Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems” is the hands-on training module.  This 8-hour class focuses on avoiding and correcting many of the common issues we discuss in the lecture. Students will rotate through a series of stations including; proper hoseline mechanics, operations and flows, long stretches, rope stretches, standpipe operations, and obstructed stretches. The class will conclude with a box alarm drill working with ladder companies. At the end of the class, the student will have a better understanding of the multitude of unexpected issues that can arise on the fireground and how to quickly shift into “Plan B” and keep the forward movement of the operation. 


Class will be conducted in a burn building with limited visibility. All conditions will be made as realistic as possible. Multiple instructors will be on site to limit down time and maximize the number of hose stretches. Full PPE with SCBA and spare cylinder required. 


Saturday Oct 16

Time: 0800-1700

24 Student Max

On Scene Training Associates 


Looking for tips on skills needed to be an effective firefighter when assigned to an understaffed ladder company? Learn from instructors who are ready to share their knowledge assembled through years of serving in some of the busiest ladder companies in the country. Students will learn various tactics and skills by rotating through several stations to include; power saw metal cutting, one and two firefighter forcible entry, VES, and peak & flat roof ventilation. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity.

Required PPE for the day is full structural firefighting gear & SCBA with spare cylinder.

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