Rom Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder, author, and educator with more than thirty years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, hospital healthcare systems, and private emergency medical services. Rom is a former volunteer chief and currently a career fire Captain and paramedic EMS Coordinator for Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department and Founder of the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine. Author of chapters in more than a dozen EMS, fire, rescue, and medical textbooks including the incident command and rescue chapters of Mosby’s Paramedic Textbook and the Vehicle Extrication chapter of the AAOS EMT Textbook, as well as over 100 published articles in fire and EMS journals, magazines, and websites Rom is an and international leader in emergency services education.    

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Donna Luce-MacDonald was a member of the Providence Fire Department for 15 years. She participated in the departments’ Honor Guard, Employee Assistant Program, Peer Fitness Trainer Program, and was a member of the Firefighter Combat Challenge Team. In 2016, she was forced to retire due to the effects of occupational cancer.

Donna became acquainted with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network after a bone cancer diagnosis in 2005.  She became actively involved a few years later as the Rhode Island State Director,  sat on the board as Vice President-East, for 5 years, and is the Chairman of a committee to research and advocate for female firefighters with cancer. She teaches many cancer awareness classes, developed a Cancer Risk Reduction SOP for the Providence Fire Department and wrote and received a grant to buy a year supply of wipes for all firefighters in RI. 

She presents at many conferences and seminars with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, including FDIC, IWomen, Firefighters Association of NY, The Maryland State Fireman’s Association and FCSN Comedy Night every year. Her story was featured in the March, 2017 Fire/Rescue Magazine and with her husband in the book “American Firefighter”, released in October, 2017.

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Donna worked to pass legislation to help protect firefighters at the RI State House and with local news channels to make the public, as well as firefighters, aware of the increased risk of a cancer diagnosis in the fire service. She taught cancer awareness classes to fire departments all throughout RI, MA, and at the RI Fire Academy. She is also a mentor to firefighters that are going through their own struggles with cancer.

Donna recently moved to Florida, where she is an FCSN rep for FL, continues to raise awareness, teach and support firefighters. She and her Great Dane are in puppy school, which will lead to therapy dog training, so they can volunteer at the local cancer center.