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Frank Leeb

Frank Leeb


Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb has served the FDNY since 1992. He is the Chief of Safety for the FDNY's 17,OOO employees. His previous staff positions include the Chief of Training and the Chief of the Fire Academy. He holds a bachelor's degree in Fire Service Administration from SUNY Empire State and a master's degree in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). 

Frank has also been a member of the East Farmingdale Fire Department since 1983 (Long Island NY). He has served as an advisory panel member for UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute's (FSRI) "Study of Coordinated Attack in Acquired Structures" and is a principal on the NFPA Technical Committees 42O, 1585, and 1710. He has also been the keynote speaker for Firehouse Expo in 2022, and a presenter at the 2022 U.S. Fire Administrator Summit on Fire Prevention and Control.

Steve DesRuisseaux

Steve DesRuisseaux

Manchester Fire Department

Steve started his fire service journey in 1992, graduating from the NH Fire Academy Recruit School. Earned his degree from NH Laconia Technical College in 1997 with AAS in Fire Science and was hired with the Manchester NH Fire Department in 1999. Currently, Steve is a Captain assigned to Engine Co. 11, “The Flying Squadron”, out of the Merrimack St Firehouse. He is also a Senior Staff Instructor with the NH Fire Academy and an IAFF Fire Ground Survival Master Instructor.

Ray McCormack

FDNY Retired

Ray McCormack recently retired as a Lieutenant after 39 years in the FDNY. He holds a BA from the New York Institute of Technology. He was the lead author for FDNYs new Engine Company Operations Manual. He developed and taught Back to Basics Standpipe for all FDNY firefighters. He was the co-founder and editor of Urban Firefighter magazine, and he delivered the FDIC keynot "True Values of a Firefighter" in 2009. He sits on the FDIC advisory board and Fire Engineering editorial board.

He was a panel member for two consecutive Underwriters Laboratories (UL) studies. Impact of Fire Attack Utilizing Interior & Exterior Streams on Firefighter Safety and Occupant Survival Study and Study of Coordinated Fire Attack Utilizing Acquired Structures. He lectures on Engine and Ladder Company Operations, Leadership, and Improving Extinguishment Culture.

Daniel Gordon 


Daniel Gordon  has been in the fire service for 20 years in both the volunteer and career fire service. He is a career Lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department and has been assigned to both Ladder companies and a Squad company during his career. Many of his company’s classes have been featured at regional training sessions as well as contracted for local fire departments both career and volunteer. 

Dan Rinaldi

Providence Fire Department

Dan Rinaldi is a 32 year veteran of the Providence Fire Department, spending 30 of those years assigned to Special Hazards 1. Dan is an instructor for the Providence Fire Academy teaching elevator rescue, forcible entry, basic and advanced auto extrication, and new vehicle technology. He also teaches FDIC H.O.T. classes and instructs for Dragon Rescue Management. Dan is an EMT-C, HazMat Technician, and has been awarded 16 Providence Fire Department medals. The Fireman’s Insurance Association has awarded Dan with a Meritorious Service Award as well as The Hero Hall of Fame Award. The Food Network, along with Tabasco Hot Sauce, named Chef Rinaldi the “Best Firehouse Chef in America” from 2002 to 2004.

Robert James

Frederick County Fire Department

Robert James (RJ) is a 22 year veteran of the fire service. He started as a volunteer firefighter with the Cromwell Volunteer Fire Department in Cromwell, Connecticut. Robert relocated to Maryland and joined the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department in Montgomery County Maryland. He is currently employed with the Frederick County Fire Department, where he is a Lieutenant in Special Operations Command assigned to the 3rd Battalion. Robert has received numerous citations and awards from the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Frederick County Fire Rescue and the state of Maryland. RJ has served as a lead instructor for many fire department trainings, and works as an instructor with Frederick Fire Department’s Training Academy and Capitol Fire Training LLC. He has written articles for many different trade magazines and has taught on national fire service platforms.

Scott Cushing

City of Baltimore Fire Department

Scott Cushing is a second -generation firefighter. He has been a firefighter with the City of Baltimore Fire Department since 2016. Scott is currently assigned to Engine Co. 6, as the Pump Operator, located on the East Side. He was previously assigned to Truck Co. 26 in Northeast, and Engine 33 on the East Side. He was also a firefighter and officer with the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department in Montgomery County Maryland. Scott is currently an instructor with Capitol Fire Training LLC.  

Mark Gregory


Mark Gregory has over 38 years of firefighting experience. He currently serves as a Battalion Chief in The FDNY. Previously, he served as the Captain of Ladder 176 (The TinHouse Truck), a Lieutenant in Tower Ladder 111 (The Nuthouse Truck) and as a Firefighter in Brooklyn’s Rescue 2 and Ladder 132(The Eye of The Storm). Mark teaches  for the FDNY Academy as a Safety Instructor for Officer Training Courses. He serves his community as an Assistant Fire Chief in his hometown of East Quogue, NY. He is a founding member of PL Vulcan and lectures thru-out the country. 

Josh Miller

New Haven Fire Department

Josh Miller is an experienced firefighter who began his fire service career over 20 years ago. Josh started as a volunteer firefighter in Briarcliff Manor, New York. He then served as a firefighter in Washington, D.C. on Engine 2 in Chinatown, and Engine 32 in Southeast, D.C. Both companies provided a high call volume in an urban and high-rise setting. Josh also served as volunteer with the Hyattsville Fire Department located in Prince Georges County Maryland.  

Wanting to return to New England, Josh relocated to the City of New Haven, CT where he currently serves as a firefighter. He began his career in New Haven assigned to Truck 4, the busiest truck in the city, which is in the Dixwell/Newhallville section of the city. Josh then transferred to Squad Company No.1, now Rescue 1, where he was able to continue his passion of practicing tech rescue and all disciplines within the fire service.


Josh is a Pro- Board certified instructor, has been published in Fire Engineering Magazine, has appeared on fire engineering’s politics and tactics, and is a contributing author to other books and publications and holds many other certifications in various disciplines.

Craig Martin

Providence Fire Department

Craig Martin has over 30 years in the fire service with the last 21 as a member of the Providence Fire Department. Craig is currently a Captain and assigned to Ladder Co. 7 out of the Branch Ave. firehouse. He was a Lieutenant on Special Hazards 1 for 6 years and a Firefighter on Special Hazards 1, and Engine's 3 and 10. Craig is also a member of the MATF1 USAR team and a heavy equipment and rigging specialist with the Mass District 8 Tech Rescue Team. He holds a BS degree in Natural Science and is working towards finishing his Masters in Public Administration/Emergency Management. 

Mike Misto

Providence Fire Department

Mike Misto has over 30 years in the Fire service, 16 years with the Providence Fire Department. Lieutenant Misto is currently assigned to Tower Ladder 1 at the Washington Street Station. Mike has served on Rescue 4, Engine 3, and has 7 years assigned to Special Hazards 1. Mike is a frequent instructor for volunteers departments and most recently taught at the PFDs Lieutenant School.  Mike, also has over 35 years in the construction business, with over 25 years as a General Contractor. 

John Comeau

Worcester Fire Department

John Comeau is a 28-year veteran of the Worcester Fire Department starting in 1995.   13 of those years spent as a fire fighter on Engine 16.  Transferred to R1 2011 and is currently the senior member of group 3.  Comeau joined the D7 Technical Rescue Team in 2017 and was named the tech rescue coordinator in 2018 for the WFD. 

During the years following the cold storage fire in 1999 Comeau volunteered at the Safety and Survival seminars as both support and Instructor, learning from some of the most influential technical rescue specialists of that time.  

In 2004 John was invited to the VATF 1, 120-hour structural collapse specialist and USAR training program in Virginia.  This was also the year he had obtained a Massachusetts unrestricted construction supervisors license and Comeau Contracting was established.  The primary work would be framing and roofing residential homes. 

Comeau Contracting became involved with Cap Stone construction in 2005.  John worked for this company approximately 6 years when needed as a subcontractor assigned to structural shoring and emergency framing. 

John is enthusiastic about meeting other firefighters to share techniques and knowledge.

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